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Daisy Peel - clear mind goal setting workbook

 Clear Mind: A Goal Setting Workbook for Agility Handlers
Ready to take your handling to the next level? Co-authored by Daisy Peel and Shawna Palmer, Ph.D, CLEAR MIND focuses on immediate application of goal setting principles aimed at achieving your handling potential. Each chapter discusses an important topic in setting dynamic and effective goals. With step by step guidance, handlers will finish with a solid plan for agility success and an understanding of how to continue setting the most effective goals for years to come. 50 pages. Purchase of this E-Book includes subscription to a Newsletter, which will be used to notify you of any updates to or new versions of your purchase.
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Clear Mind: A Goal Setting Workbook For Agility Handlers

2o/2o - contact training dvd

 Wondering if the 2on2off Contact Training DVD is right for You? Here's What You Should Know: The 2on2off Dog Agility Contact Training DVD provides unprecedented ease in training 2on2off contact behavior for novice dogs or experienced dogs that need refreshed or retrained contact behavior. The lessons and exercises included in the DVD are easy to follow and make it efficient and fun for both dog and dog trainer. Using clear focused goals and proven dog-friendly training methods, the DVD begins with ground work that can be done at home and continues through to proofing competition contacts that will increase confidence. Each section begins with clear goals and is followed up by video of actual dog and handler teams as they train each section for the first time; then the steps are reviewed at the end of each section to help trainers put all the pieces together for preferred contact behavior. The DVD also teaches concepts such as ‘micro-training; and other training tips essential to agility success! Stacy Peardot-Goudy, world renowned dog agility trainer, owner of C Spot Win Agility in LaPorte, Colorado and recent 2011 USDAA Steeplechase Champion with her dog Wally recently reviewed Spot On Agility’s 2on2off dog agility contact training DVD. “It’s so easy training dogs with Spot On Agility’s Contact Training DVD that anyone can have successful results, whether they be novice or masters level dog agility trainers,” shared Goudy. “I love how the dogs instantly understand the criteria and drive to the 2on2off position you are asking of them, making contact training very enjoyable.” For additional information as well as to see a preview clip of the 2on2off Contact Training DVD, go to:

Dog Agility 2on2off Contact Training