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Wendy Pendleton, Dog Trainer, Agility Instructor
cell: 540-908-5150
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Quotes I?ve been training with Wendy for over 18 months. She is knowledgeable, patient and clearly explains and demonstrates agility handling techniques. Her courses are challenging and fun and if there is a segment which is very difficult for us, she can find the best method so that the handler and dog succeed. She understands the problems my dog and I have as a team and provides helpful advice to me on what I should do and what I shouldn?t do. I?m glad I found her classes. The inside facility at Hunter Farm is an added bonus. Pat & Riley Anthony Quotes
Pat Anthony
Riley's Mom

Quotes When Otis and I first went out to try agility with Wendy I didn't know much about the sport and as far as I know Otis didn't either....but we were both immediately hooked and almost 2 years later are still enjoying it so so much. Wendy has the patience of a saint and has taught us so much about working together as a team. I recommend this to anybody who wants to spend quality time with their dog and have a lot of fun. If we miss a class for any reason, trust me Otis notices and I miss it too! Quotes
Sherrie Breeden
Mommy of Otis.....Pug who lives to do Agility!

Quotes I have been taking classes from Wendy, off and on, starting with little Tux (my first sheltie) for about 8 years. When it came time to start agility with Jonas and I found out that Wendy was teaching in West Augusta it was a perfect match. Our lesson is the highlight of the week. She is patient, but challenging, and we keep progressing and having fun.. Anne Avery (and Jonas) Quotes
Anne Avery

Quotes I am on my 2nd set of Rally classes, and my 1st set of Agility classes with Wendy. Both myself & Doire, a Glen of Imaal Terrier, are new to both of the above . Wendy has taught me alot about patience and giving lots & lots of praise. I am so grateful that she is willing to drive down from Harrisonburg to give classes closer to my area. I highly recommend her to my clients. Peg Carty & Doire Rainbow Springs Kennels Quotes
Peg Carty

Quotes I have been working with Wendy for the past 5 years. She is patient with me and my dogs and always willing to try some new idea to make my dogs and I a better team.. She makes learning agility fun. I highly recommend her in every way!!! Barbara and her Border Collies, Ben and Angus Quotes

Quotes In the over 5 years that I have been taking classes from Wendy, she has taught me many things about dogs. She has helped me be patient, to keep practicing and trialing even if people suggest I quit and to understand how to handle. Her attention to detail and assistance in handling have made me an excellent handler...with a recalitrant and often unbiddable dog. Thanks Wendy! Toni and Barclay the West Highland White Terrier Quotes
Toni Whitfield